Thursday, February 26, 2009

TDI Chairman- D.N. Taneja

The Indian real estate sector is growing at a breathtaking pace. As the boom is spreading in all directions, the scope for growth is unlimited. With outsourced business coming in at great volumes, there is a huge increase in demand for commercial buildings and urban housing besides related improvement in infrastructure. The new stand adopted by the government regarding FDI policies has given an impetus in facilitating investments in the realty sector. India has turned out to be amongst "dominant host countries" for FDI. The excellent economic performance and introduction of SEZs are acting as major propellants for the real estate sector. The arrival of REIT and other instruments for investments have brought the real estate sector in line with global practices. TDI has so far embraced all the positive aspects of growth to cater to the changing trends.

With its experienced and professional team, TDI has steadily carved a niche in the real estate industry by changing the skyline of the developing cities in India such as Mohali, Panipat, Kundli, Jalandhar, Agra, Moradabad, Jasola and Meerut.